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Requesting payout for Earned Affiliate Commission

Cash payouts are only for purchases made by your direct referrals and subject to a holding period for verification of payment received on those purchases.

Prizes and Bonuses earned are NOT paid out in cash. Prizes and Bonuses earned can be used for purchases only.

You can request your affiliate commissions to be paid to you once you reach the required balance in available commissions to your Uphold, Skrill, Wise, Coinbase or CashApp account less any processing fees, by submitting a support ticket.

Processing fees, if any, to process your commissions payment is the responsibility of the member and will be deducted from your earned commissions payout.

Payments will only be made to your payment account as indicated on your profile. It must include your preferred method of payment, payment address, (email address or username), valid and active email address and the correct country you're from.

For US members: When total commissions paid reach $599, you will need to submit a W9 form to receive further commissions and you will need to update your profile with your complete address information.

The affiliate program is a bonus for active members, not a right of membership. If your account becomes inactive you will not be eligible for the affiliate program.

Inactive members are those who (1) has not login to their account for 3 months, (2) has unsubscribed from our Newsletters and email notices and (3) has no active site, banner and text ad, with assigned credits.

Inactive members will forfeit any unclaimed commissions and your account will become a non-commission member level account. To regain commission member level, member must be active again for a minimum of 3 months consecutively, be subscribed to the newsletter and email notices.


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